Why This?

I like to fashion myself as a cowgirl lawyer.  I love to shoot.  I love cowboy boots.  I love stories of the Wild West, and I love all things country…cattle ranches, rodeos, rolling pastures, blankets made of stars, mesmerizing sunsets, mason jars, horseshoes, and even the occasional smell of “money” coming from the stock yards.

My move to Amarillo was a serendipitous opportunity which came along when I found myself in need of something different for my life.  It is a different life here—no 45 minute commute to and from work, a small town feel, and wide, open land with the ever present reminders of the Wild West and the backbone of agriculture.  However, when it comes to the law and being an advocate, it is the same or better.  We have incredibly talented lawyers and judges.  We are loyal and driven for our clients.  We get results.

My love of firearms and involvement in firearms law evolved over time.  I have family in the firearms industry who gave me a bit of insight into the laws and regulations.  It also made me passionate about protecting those individuals and companies exercising their Second Amendment rights.  It was once said to me, “You love guns, and you are a good lawyer.  We need good lawyers.  Why aren’t you involved in this?”  And, from there, a path began.Long range rifle training

I also have a family member and several friends who are law enforcement and former military.  I truly respect what they do, and my connections in the firearms industry and in the legal field have generated law enforcement work. From there, another path began.  Generally, in my opinion, 99 percent of the time, law enforcement and the firearms industry are on the same page.  It is thrilling and an honor for me to work with both, and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

One thing you will learn reading this blog is I love Texas, and I am proud to be a Texan. I love words, and I love to write. While my mother did her best to beat the sarcasm out of me, it didn’t happen. So, I hope you will find this blog informative and entertaining.

Despite the ever-increasing involvement of women in the firearms industry and in law enforcement, it stills seems to be a bit of a novelty when people learn I am a woman, a lawyer, and a gun owner.  I get some strange looks, but I also receive some high fives and “you go, girl.”  I have included some of the most popular questions I’ve received and my answers.

Popular questions and answers I get on a frequent basis

How many guns do you own?

A lady doesn’t talk about how many guns she owns.

Are you one of those gals that likes pink guns?

Yes.  Yes, I am.

Why? They aren’t toys. Do you not take it seriously?

I take owning a gun and shooting a gun very seriously.  In my personal opinion, you should not own a gun if you do not know off the top of your head the rules of gun safety and know how to load your gun, unload it, and shoot it safely.  They are not toys and never should be treated as such.

However, as to the color of guns, in a growing industry, individual tastes and preferences are important.  A gun is a huge investment.  If someone wants to invest in a gun and has learned the rules of gun safety, knows how to properly and safely use it, why shouldn’t they be permitted to make a selection that suits their individual taste and preferences?

I certainly respect the opinion of those who disagree.  And, because I can have my opinion and you can have yours, this is why America is so great.

Can you recommend a gun for me?

No, but I will give you some ideas of ones you may want to try.  A gun I can manage and shoot comfortably may not be the gun you can manage and shoot comfortably.  I have fired more than one pistol I said I’d never shoot again.  It is not a criticism of the manufacturer.  It is the fact it wasn’t comfortable for me.  And, you need to be comfortable with your gun.

That said, my favorite pistol is a Sig P226.  It fits my hand well.  I can change the magazines quickly, and I can shoot it well.  I even have custom grips to add my personal style made by my friend, Tracy at Brilliant Backstraps. Yes, those are burnt orange grips. Hook ’em!


My favorite carry gun is a Sig P238.  It also fits my hand well, carries easily on my hip, thigh and ankle and shoots very well.  Yes, I like Sigs, and they are my personal preference.

I also have some other personal favorites:  a custom AR 15 my brother-in-law built for me, a Montana .270 hunting rifle, and a Ruger OU 12 gauge. I also recently purchased a Kimber Micro Bel-Air. It’s a beauty!

You must be a tough chick.

If you say so.

Do you hunt? Are you a plinker? What’s your favorite type of gun to shoot?

For the most part, I am a plinker.  A little range time makes the day a whole lot better.  I have been doing more training and practice, and I recently obtained my USCCA certification as a firearms instructor. My goal is to obtain my NRA credentials, as well, and become an LTC instructor…because there are 24 hours in a day, and I like to use all of them.

Are you one of those gun nuts?

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Have you been watching the news? It seems like the cops are getting out of control.

Have you heard all the lawyer jokes?  Lawyers must be terrible people.  In every profession, there will be those few who give the rest of us a bad name.  There is good and bad in everything.  Unfortunately, the media realizes stories about people doing a good job do not garner near as many ratings for them as salacious stories of misconduct.

In my experience with my friends and family, people who go into law enforcement are a lot like those people who became nurses or teachers or soldiers.  They wanted to help people.  They felt a calling.  My goal is to help those who heeded that call.