Texas House Bill 1911 (Permitless Carry) Passes Committee

House Bill 1911 Moves Forward in Effort to Bring Permitless Carry to Texas

Yesterday, the Republican members of the House committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety voted along party lines to pass House Bill 1911 by Rep. James White (R-Hillister) out of committee. HB 1911, referred to as Permitless Carry, would permit a Texan eligible under state law to acquire a License to Carry to carry a handgun without a license. You can find history on the Bill here.

Texas banned open and concealed carry of handguns in 1871 with the passage of “An Act to Regulate the Keeping and Bearing of Deadly Weapons,” which was passed as part of the Reconstruction. It was not until 1996 that Texans were able to obtain a Concealed Handgun License for the lawful carry of concealed handguns. Proponents of HB 1911 hope to restore Texas to the pre-1871 time when no license was required for the open or concealed carry of firearms.

God bless Texas!