Tactical Medical Officers

Tactical medical officers, sometimes referred to as S.W.A.T. medics are those individuals with combined law enforcement and healthcare training. In high-risk event responses, these individuals save lives by providing critical life-saving treatment in situations where immediate medical treatment is not available. While the concerns of tactical medics are similar to law enforcement officers, their considerations are unique in light of their added healthcare training and specialized role with the law enforcement department.

Practice Areas Include:

Civil defense of tactical medics.
Civil rights litigation.
Negligence/Tort Claims Act litigation.
Witness preparation and defense.
Education and presentations.

Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Officers©

In June 2015, I completed an article Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Officers©. My legal and personal background naturally is suited to this topic.  I have represented healthcare providers for most of my career, and it has been some of the most fulfilling work I have done.  My experience taught me most healthcare providers went into their profession because they wanted to help people, and I came to believe in most instances they were doing God’s work or what God had led them to do.  In the work they do, tactical medical officers are healthcare providers, just in a forum different from most.  I have family and friends in the law enforcement field and who are former military.  I always have admired those who follow a calling to serve.  Being a gun owner and maintaining an enthusiasm and passion for firearms law, I appreciate the skill, practice, and dedication required of LEOs and soldiers. This article allowed me to combine all of my passions and help those doing the work I admire.

I also came to understand with my trial experience what was commonplace and every day thinking for me was foreign to most healthcare providers and law enforcement officers.  While I often look at things from the perspective of how they will play out in court, healthcare providers and law enforcement officers often look at things from the perspective of how do I help this person or fix this situation, and they do not have the luxury of time or instant counsel before being required to act.  My hope is this Article will provide a bit of insight into the law to avoid having to watch things play out in a courtroom or to be able to handle it better when it does.

So, to my tactical medical officer and law enforcement friends, go with God, knowing there are those of us who want to help you in your call to serve.

Download full copy of Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Officers© by Sabrina R. Karels.