Law Enforcement

Have you watched the news? Our law enforcement officers seem to be taking hits left and right. In the heat of the moment, LEOs are charged with making life-changing decisions with seconds to determine the best course of action. Most have devoted their lives to the service and protection of others, and judging the whole by the actions of a few is not only unfair but disregards the difficult and challenging situations our officers face every day. While public officials and governmental entities are afforded some protection under the law, they still are sued and called upon to defend their actions in a court of law.

Practice Areas Include:

Governmental entity defense
Defense of municipalities
Civil rights defense
Civil defense of law enforcement officers
Civil defense of negligence/Texas Tort Claims Act allegations
Witness preparation and defense
Education and presentations
Crisis management and risk avoidance

Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Officers©:

Many of the legal concerns faced by Tactical Medical Officers apply to law enforcement officers.

Download full copy of Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Officers© by Sabrina R. Karels.