Firearms Law

One thing I have heard more than once is finding lawyers who are passionate about the second amendment and willing to fight for lawful gun owners and firearms businesses is difficult. I am passionate about defending our right to bear arms, and I am committed to defending you and every law-abiding American to own firearms, hunt, and defend yourself when someone threatens to do you harm. I also am devoted to educating those who may not appreciate this precious right or understand why it is so crucial to the American way of life.

Firearms Law is a broad and challenging area of law, particularly with the ever-changing rules and regulations facing firearms businesses and individual gun owners. Civilly, firearms businesses and gun owners may face litigation in various scenarios, including accidental shootings, nuisance claims, premises liability, and self-defense shootings, among others. Individuals and businesses also have an interest in knowing and understanding the laws in Texas for concealed carry and open carry, including whether a business legally has complied with the law prohibiting concealed or open carry and when and where an individual legally may open or conceal carry. A multitude of federal laws and regulations exist affecting manufacturers, retailers, trainers, and all other businesses associated with firearms. When you choose a lawyer to represent you in these situations, you want one who actually has fired a weapon, knows how to use a firearm, is familiar with different types of firearms, knows the difference between a clip and a magazine ,and who is familiar with state and federal laws affecting you or your company.

Practice Areas Include:

Civil defense of firearms owners and firearms businesses
Consultation for businesses regarding open carry and concealed carry
ATF Compliance issues
Firearms Trusts (NFA/Gun Trusts)
Education and speakingAmicus briefing
Consultation regarding risk avoidance and crisis management