Civil Litigation

All trial lawyers are litigators, but not all litigators are trial lawyers. What’s the difference? A litigator will handle all aspects of a civil case, including motions, briefing, depositions, and resolution, but may not go to trial. A trial lawyer is someone who does everything a litigator does but is not afraid to stand in front of a judge and a jury of people whom they have never met, figure out the best way to communicate your case to them, and advocate for you and your interests. Trial lawyers are quick on their feet, driven, aggressive, relentless, passionate, skilled at communication, and devoted to understanding and knowing the issues as well as you do.

Sometimes trial is not the best solution, but even then, strategically being prepared for trial while negotiating a fair resolution requires skill and finesse.

Areas of Practice:

Personal Injury Litigation
Premises Liability
Products Liability
Healthcare Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Oil & Gas/Energy and Environmental Litigation
Transportation Litigation