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USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor
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Member, Legal Advisory Board, USCCA

Why This?

Despite the ever-increasing involvement of women in the firearms industry and in law enforcement, it stills seems to be a bit of a novelty when people learn I am a woman, a lawyer, and a gun owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular questions (and the answers) I get on a frequent basis.

Sabrina Karels

Sabrina Karels is a civil litigation attorney with more than 19 years of commercial litigation and personal injury litigation experience practicing in Amarillo, Texas and serving all areas of Texas and California.  Ms. Karels has a passion and enthusiasm for firearms law and supporting law enforcement.  She regularly prepares articles and serves as a speaker on various litigation, law enforcement, and firearms law topics.  She also drafts firearms law trusts and provides representation and consulting for law enforcement departments and firearms businesses.  She is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, life member of the NRA, and serves on the Legal Advisory Board for the United States Concealed Carry Association. She is also a USCCA certified firearms instructor.

Ms. Karels has extensive experience in rapid crisis management and response.  She understands the unique stresses and strains borne by individuals and companies embroiled in a lawsuit, as well as the financial concerns attendant to defending and pursuing those lawsuits.  She utilizes a pragmatic and direct approach to meet the client’s goals, move the case forward, and seek a resolution that best serves the client’s interests.  Whether in the boardroom or the courtroom, she will stand firm in support of her clients and advocate on their behalf.

Ms. Karels is a native Texan and grew up in a small town in Central Texas.  Her family taught her the value of hard work, loyalty, and dedication and believes in the philosophy, “if it has to get done, it will get done.”  In her spare time, she strives to obtain more firearms training and enjoys baking and water sports.

Sabrina R. Karels
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